Full Package Production + Branding 

  • Branding + Website
  • 3D 360 Models + Renders
  • Virtual Visits
  • VR + AR App  {Content  + Activation}
We worked with the Nordikasa team and architects to bring everything to life. The Team provided us a brief and the architects provided us with SketchUp files, pdf plans and lists of materials. We created the branding for each model, in total 10 small homes were branded, modeled in 3d, exported and and also programmed for virtual reality visits on the web and in the Oculus headsets. 

The Nordikasa Brand and Mission

Immersive Sales Tools

From branding to Virtual Reality Sales

Grand Duc 3D Renders


Branded VR Cardboards

1000 branded VR cardboards were given away.  Potential buyers could  visit the each model in 360VR with any mobile device. 


Being able to visit the actual cathedral without moving is an incredible feeling! Attendees were very happy and had great reactions! Guests told us how they fekt like they were really there and that nothing from the outside world distracted them. They were fully immersed into the content. 

More Nordikasa Models